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2006 cd
Paper House"
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Not Worth Selling

The secrets I’ve been keeping      Hide the thoughts I’m not revealing

The Angels falling from my ceiling      Fade to shades of gray

If this is a lesson, I’m not learning    There’s no fire but I keep burning

The clock hands keep on turning     The minutes into days

The two of us keep yelling      From the lies that I’ve been telling

Honesty is not worth selling      When you’re dealing with a heart

Good memories just don’t stick here     The bad ones seem to cling dear

Like thinking the end is real near     And praying that you’re right

You’d think that I’d be smarter     Than trying to walk on water

Cause the liquid just gets darker     And it carries me away

Insanity keeps me grounded     How crazy my words have sounded

You stare as if astounded     And it digs into your brain

So the roses die beside you     The paint makes nothing look new

A single coat just won’t do      To cover up this mess

Three days I’ve gone without sleep    I guess I’m in way too deep

The hill I’m on is too steep     And I fall without a sound

lyrics by Christi Mangner
music by Dave Miller